Phil Collins


SATuRdAy APRIL 7, 2018 ~ 7:30Pm
Peace United Church of Christ
Santa Cruz, CA

NewmusicWorks Ensemble

Bill Walker
PHILIP Collind, conductor
Akindele bankole, composer/vocalist
Lori Rivera, vocalist
Sarah Cahill, piano
Bill Walker, electric guitar

Bill Walker

The Ariose Singers
Camille Couture, conductor

OlOBurO (lover)
Iya nI Wura (Mother is Gold)
OmO’ge, Wá jó
Akindele Bankole, composer and vocalist
VOyage John Thomas, tuba and organ

Because and other choral music by Lennon & McCartney, as well as by Santa Cruz residents, Larry Polansky and Christopher Pratorius

Lori Rivera

Theme and VarIaTIOns Frank Pesci
flute, piccolo, Bb clarinet, bass clarinet, violin, cello, piano, percussion

Jon Scoville
World Premiere
John thomas

Because bridges musical worlds with infectious joy and genre neutrality!
A one-night festival that single handedly up-ends the chamber music paradigm of Western Civilization!

John Thomas

You won’t want to miss it! More amazements than space will permit.
All you need is…a ticket!

Sarah Cahill
Akindele bankole
Frank Pesci