CONCERT III — The Music of Sound

Saturday, 7:30pm April 4, 2020
Peace United Church of Christ
900 High St. Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Sheila Willey, soprano
The Ariose Singers
Conductor Camille Couture

NMW Ensemble, Phil Collins, Conductor

James Tenney (1932 – 1964) Tableaux Vivants (1990)
clarinet, soprano saxophone, violin, vibraphone, piano.

Second inning STRETCH 

Barry Phillips, harp, violin & violoncello (2019) (world premiere)

Michael McGushin, Oddities and Observations (songs on poems of Kay Ryan)
soprano and piano (2019)(world premiere)

The Ariose Singers

György Ligeti Nacht und Morgen (1965) A capella choir

Meredith Monk, Panda Chant (1984)


Bryce Dessner: Murder Ballades
flute/alto flute; clarinet/bass clarinet; percussion; piano; violin, violoncello (2013)

Omie Wise
Young Emily
Dark Holler
**Wave the Sea
Brushy Fork
Pretty Polly
Tears for Sister Polly