Concert I

Saturday, October 13, 2018
UCSC Music Center Recital Hall
October Surprise

Andy Strain, trombone and garden hose
Lori Rivera, voice
Andrew Scott Carter, tenor
NewMusicWorks Ensemble

from 22 American Folk Songs, by Ruth Crawford Seeger (1997/2018)

Larry Polansky and Giacomo Fiore, electric guitars

Coming Together (1971) Frederic Rzewski

Lori Rivera, voice
flute/piccolo; clarinet; tenor saxophone; violin; cello; double bass; piano; percussion

Anagnorisis (1964) Robert Hughes

Andy Strain, trombone, garden hose
Jim Kassis, percussion

Ritmicas: Homagò al Roldan (1965) Lou Harrison and Robert Hughes (world premiere)

flute, clarinet, French horn, bassoon

Five Songs from Cold Mountain (2010)

Bun-Ching Lam Text: Han Shan Baritone voice, flute, viola, harp