Avant Garden Party Benefit

Sunday, June 9, 2024; 2:00-6:00pm
2888 Sandy Lane, Santa Cruz, CA 95062

An afternoon of exquisite resonances!
Incomparable Ethiopian cuisine provided by Chef India Joze!
A Silent Auction worth talking about!

Impressions of Ethiopia, violist/composer, Kaethe Hostetter

A collection of musical vignettes by Kaethe Hostetter draws from her 11 years living in Addis Ababa. Kaethe evokes the bustling streets of the East African metropolis, with the crackling sounds of a saxophone blaring out of a barbershop radio, a shepherd’s flute melody turned dub reggae, the fervent dancing on packed dirt floors of a rural honey-wine bar, and the funky big band psychedelic sounds of Ethiopia’s “Golden Era.”


Sasupake (sah-soo-PAH-kay) is a quartet based in
Santa Cruz, formed in 2021. The members are Sarah
Michael – kanun (a lap-held zither) and vocals, Susan
Wagner – accordion, Patrice Wallace – bass, and Ken
Mowrey – hand drums.


Among a unique vanguard of innovative guitarists, Bill Walker creates evocative guitar soundscapes that showcase a staggering range of musical influences and techniques. Performing on an variety of electric, acoustic and lap steel guitars, and utilizing state of the art sound design and live looping technologies, Bill pioneers bold musical frontiers in improvised performance. Hypnotic and transporting, Bill’s music is characterized by beautiful improvised motifs, lush multi-layered guitar ensembles, and otherworldly timbres which evolve serendipitously, creating exotic music that defies categorization.



Laura Mallon, Director
Singing Wood is a nine-member marimba band, based in Santa Cruz, CA. We have been together since 2003, playing music derived from the Shona
culture of Zimbabwe. Our repertoire ranges from ancient traditional pieces to contemporary compositions — covering a wide range of musical styles. We find great joy and inspiration in playing this music and feel blessed to be able to share it.


Stan Poplin, double bass & Cary Nichols electric guitar
“Guitar/Bass duo playing arrangements for improvisation”.

Mark Your Calendars
2024-25 season

I — Saturday, September 28, 2024

II — Saturday, November 9, 2024

III — Saturday, February 22, 2025

IV — Saturday, April 5, 2025

V — Sunday, June 1, 2025; Avant Garden Party

Dance of the Living Composers

Below, Tandy Beal & Company partners with NewMusicWorks’s extraordinary coupling of music and dance on April 20.

Photo: Rose Calucchia

Concert Photos: Daev Roehr

We thank our dear listening friends for their extraordinary support of NewMusicWorks’ 41st Anniversary Celebrations. We could not have done it without you!

New Music Works’ season is supported in part by grants from
The Arts Council of Santa Cruz
Community Foundation of Santa Cruz County
Ann and Gordon Getty Foundation
along with donations from individuals and businesses of Santa Cruz County, the Central Coast, and throughout the United States.