NewmusicWorks Ensemble


Saturday,  April 7, 2018 ~ 7:30 pm
Peace United Church of Christ
Santa Cruz, CA

Guest Artists:
Akindele Bankole composer and vocalist
Sarah Cahill, piano
Lori Rivera, vocalist
Marina Thomas, organ
The Ariose Singers, conductor, Camille Couture
NewMusicWorks Ensemble, conductor, Philip Collins

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John Thomas – Voyage
John Thomas, tuba
Marina Thomas, organ

Theme and Variations, Frank Pesci
Teresa Orozco, flute/piccolo
James Pytko, Clarinet/ Bass Clarinet
Shannon Delaney, violin
Kristin Garbeff, cello,
Michael McGushin, piano
Jim Kassis, percussion

Jon Scoville – selected works for piano (world premiere)
Sarah Cahill, piano
Bunita Marcus – Julia


ARIOSE SINGERS, Camille Couture, conductor
John Lennon & Paul McCartney – Because
Larry Polansky – selected rounds
Christopher Pratorius – Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird (selections)

Akindele BankoleThree Songs
Oloburo (Lover) Iya ni Wura (Mother is Gold), Omo’ge, wá jó (Party People, Dance)
Akindele Bankole, Lori Rivera & Ariose Singers members, vocals
Nick Larson, guitar
Alexis Olsen and Philip Collins, electric guitars
Stan Poplin, electric bass
Jim Kassis, drums

Igor Stravinsky – Marseillaise
Shannon Delanney, solo violin

John Lennon & Paul McCartney – All You Need is Love
Akindele Bankole, Lori Rivera & The Ariose Singers, vocalists
NewMusicWorks Ensemble & Friends

Camille Couture, conductor, The Arlose Singers

Sarah Cahill, pianist

Phil Collins, conductor New Music Works

Marina Thomas, organist
John Thomas, composer & trobonist

Lori Rivera, vocalist

Akindele bankole, composer & vocalist

Frank Pesci