CONCERT III — The Music of Sound (not the other way around)


Saturday, 7:30pm April 4, 2020
Peace United Church of Christ
900 High St. Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Sheila Willey, soprano
The Ariose Singers, directed by Camille Couture

Fresh, powerful sounds of dissimilar upbringings elope together for an evening’s romp of sonic adventure!!

James Tenney, Tableaux Vivants (1990)
clarinet; bassoon; soprano saxophone, piano, vibraphone, violin

Barry Phillips, harp, violin & violoncello (2019) (world premiere)

Michael McGushin, Oddities and Observations (songs on poems of Kay Ryan)
soprano and piano (2019) (world premiere)

The Ariose Singers, Camille Couture, Music Director and Conductor

György Ligeti Nacht und Morgen(1965) A capella choir

Meredith Monk, Panda Chan(1984)

Bryce Dessner: Murder Ballades flute/alto flute; clarinet/bass clarinet; percussion; piano; violin; violoncello (2013)

WORLD PREMIERES by two of the Central Coast’s most talented composers —Michael McGushin and Barry Phillips— bring indigenous resonances to an otherwise globally-focused program.

Michael McGushin and Sheila Willey continue their lyrical simpatico with Michael’s newly composed “Oddities and Observations,” a collection of songs on poems by Kay Ryan. Barry Phillips brings us a new trio for harp, violin and violoncello.


Different approaches…there are worlds of difference between the seductively floating and unpredictable textures of James Tenney’s Tableau Vivants, and the lean and crisply, visceral settings of cowboy tunes by Bryce Dessner in Murder Ballades. And those differences are sooo complementary!!


The program includes a wondrous choral set by The Ariose Singers featuring music by György Ligeti and Meredith Monk. Textural plays of night and day ignite Ligeti’s Nacht und Morgen, while Monk’s Panda Chant, is charming, imaginative and funny as choral music ever gets!