Avant Garden Cabaret
Return to Eric’s Island! 

Sunday, 2-6pm June 7, 2020

2888 Sandy Lane
Santa Cruz, CA 95062

(next to 30th Ave. & Brommer Ave.)

Exotica Cuisine via Chef India Joze Restaurant

Following ten years of avant-gardening amid Robert Eberle’s lovely floral beds in Soquel, NMW is transplanting our party (your party) back to Santa Cruz, back to the open-air walkways and flowing canals of this Live Oak oasis. With a new performing stage, this year’s garden site offers an ideal outdoor setting for the afternoon’s musical line-up.

  • Igam Ogam: Scott Stobbe, guitar; Lee Corbie-Wells violin and vocals; Patrice Wallace, bass
  • The Great Morgani
  • NMW Ensemble perform Terry Riley’s Tread on the Trail
  • Singing Wood Marimba Ensemble, Laura Mallon, Director
  • The Ariose Singers, Camille Couture, Director
  • Stan Poplin and Cary Nichols Duo
  • Bill Walker, atmospheric electric slide guitar