Philip Collins — This Way That (1982/2023)
Sheila Willey and Elizabeth Neff, sopranos
Translations by Mary Barnard

Stan Poplin, double bass & Cary Nichols electric guitar (2024)
— Arrangements for improvisations

Michael McGushin — It Was Like This: You Were Happy,
text: Jane Hirshfield (world premiere)
Emily Sinclair, soprano; Michael McGushin, piano

Matthew Schumaker — Satellites, for piano and electronics
Chia-Lin Yang, piano

Philip Collins — Domestic Counterpoint (world premiere)
Meave Cox, oboe; Stephen Zielinski, clarinet; Kelli Reyolds, French Horn;
Samantha Bounkeua, violin; Stan Poplin, double bass; Jennifer Cass, harp;
Laura McShane, vibraphone; Steve Robertson, percussion; Michael McGushin, conductor


Philip Collins — My Lovely Friends (world premiere)
Sheila Willey and Elizabeth Neff, sopranos

Hyo-shin Na — Many Paradises (2024) Terrie Baune, violin; Thalia Moore, cello; Thomas Schultz, piano

Michael McGushin — The World, text by William Bronk (world premiere)
Emily Sinclair, soprano; Stephen Zielinski, clarinet; Shannon DeLaney, violin I,
Samantha Bounkeua, violin II, Rebecca Dulatre, viola, Kristin Garbeff, cello

Jon Scoville — Hats (commissioned by, and written for, NMW Ensemble)
Arrangements: Jeffrey Gaeto

Stephen Zielinski, Clarinet; Paul Tarantino, soprano and alto saxophones,
Shannon D’Antonio, violin, Kristin Garbeff, cello; Stan Poplin, double bass;
Ben Dorfan, piano, Laura McShane, drums; Michael McGushin, conductor

1 – Trash Can Lid
Choreography by Tandy Beal, performed by Keith Cowans & Jane Real
Costume: Sandra Woodall

2- Skimmer Choreography by Tandy Beal,
performed by Raina Sacksteder & Nicolette Kaempf Costume: Amy Webb

3 – Mad Cap Choreographed and performed by MoveSpeakSpin:
Jane Real, Karl Schaffer, Laurel Shastri. Directed by Karl Schaffer

4 – Borsalino Choreographed & performed by John & Nancy Lingemann

5 – Flat Hat Performed by Keith Cowans, Nicolette Kaempf,
Jane Real, Raina Sacksteder, and Saki. Directed by Tandy Beal

Philip Collins

Hyo-shin Na, composer of “Many Paradises”

Stan Poplin, double bass

Violinist, Terrie Baune

Laurel Shastri

Raina Sacksteder

Mickey McGushin

Matthew Schumaker, composer of “Satellites”

Shannon D’Antonio | Violin

Wooden Fish Ensemble

Jane Real

John & Nancy Lingeman

Tandy Beal & (husband) Jon Scoville, composer of Hats
Dr. Chia-lin Yang, piano soloist (UCSC faculty)
Performs Matthew Schumaker’s “Satellites”

Karl Schaffer

Jennifer Cass

Cary Nichols, electric guitar

Ben Dorfman | Piano

Pianist, Thomas Schultz


Cellist, Thalia Moore