LUDI HINRICHS, trombone and didgeridoo, has been assimilating sounds since he was two. A diverse musician, he works as a recording artist, educator, choir director, arranger, as well as leading his own jazz groups.

Recent collaborations include the performance duo, “Night Messengers” with Terry Riley, and a music/poetry venture with Beat poet Gary Snyder performed at the prestigious Tokyo Summer Festival, in a read of his classic, “Mountains and Rivers without End.” His quintet has played for numerous Music in the Mountains concerts in the past, premiering new works.

In 2007 Ludi was commissioned to write and perform the music for a one-hour NPR documentary, “Saving the Sierra” which is currently being aired over 158 radio stations.

Hinrichs’ most recent CD, “Kairos Kronos,” features meditations on piano, large gong, didjeridu, trombone and voice, and includes the tabla skills of Joe Fajen.

He works with his wife, Karen, on many projects, and celebrates the beauty and intelligence of nature as the ultimate teacher.

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