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NewMusicWorks IN C Ensemble

Flutes: Lars Johannesson and Diane Grubbe
Oboe: Meave Cox
Clarinet: Stephen Zielinski
Bassoon: Neal Fairbairn
Saxophone: Bradley Hecht

Vibraphone: Laura McShane,

Trumpet: Craig Simmons
Trombone: Steve Wilson
French Horn: Kelli Reynolds

Violins: Shannon D’Antonio,Terre Lee and Kaethe Hostetter
Viola: Chad Kaltinger
Violoncello: Kristin Garbeff
Double Bass: Stan Poplin

Harp: Jennifer Cass
Guitars: Terrence Farrell, Giacomo Fiore, Agustine Gaytan, Kenneth Hill and Chris Mann


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NewMusicWorks Concert on Mondays with Kuumbwa!

Guest Artists:
Debra Spencer, voice Sarah Cahill, piano
Kenny Hill, guitar
NMW Ensemble players
Shannon D’Antonio, violin
Kristin Garbeff, cello
Stan Poplin, double bass
Jennifer Cass, harp
Phil Collins, guitar (Artistic Director)

Weirdo Funk (1996) Bob Mintzer
Stan Poplin, solo Double bass and chimes

Twilight (2020) Kenny Hill
Solitaire (2021) Kenny Hill
Kenny Hill, solo guitar

Tonight I Watched (1982) Phil Collins (world premiere)
Text: Sappho, (translated by Mary Barnard)

Prelude (2011) Gabriela Ortiz
She Dances Naked Under Palm Trees (2019) Theresa Wong
A Happy Journey (1952) Lou Harrison
Sarah Cahill, solo piano

Serenado por Gitaro (1952) Lou Harrison
Dance of the Sea Pimps (1970) Phil Collins
Etudes Simples, Book II (1972) Leo Brouwer
Phil Collins, solo guitar

Three Homages for Violin, Violoncello, and Harp (2021) Barry Phillips
(world premiere)
I. Lou’s Clavichord’ – for Lou Harrison
II.‘Untitled’ – for Joan Benson
III. ‘Brindaban Forest’ for Ravi Shankar
Shannon D’Antonio, violin
Kristin Garbeff, cello
Jennifer Cass, harp

Kuumbwa Jazz Center Personnel
AUDIO CREW: David Egan, Patrick Cooley
VIDEO CREW: David Egan, Patrick Cooley, Ron Jones
HOUSE MANAGER: Brian Fitzgerald & Keith Wieland