Timba Harris, violin and trumpet, METROPOLIS guest artist

TIMBA HARRIS is a violinist/violist, trumpet player, and composer. His professional musical interests span from contemporary chamber music to grinding death metal. He records and tours internationally with the groups Secret Chiefs 3, Master Musicians of Bukkake, and the Gyan Riley Trio (with Gyan and Scott Amendola/Ches Smith) and performs with various temporary and permanent New Music ensembles. He also contributes composition, arranging, recording, and/or performance for artists such as Sunno))), John Zorn and company, Grails, Eyvind Kang, and many others, including musical appearances on video games and independent films. Timba has also been fortunate to travel in Romania and other faraway lands to pursue his fascination with Eastern European folk music. He currently lives in Seattle, Washington where he enjoys the natural environment of the Pacific Northwest, cooking, and spending time with his lovely wife. (photo credit: Kris Arnold)