Season 2021-22 launched on a Saturday afternoon in mid-November with a resounding collaboration of music and dance set to Terry Riley’s iconic minimalist work, IN C. Beneath the blue sky and FREE, IN C Outside was a joyously visceral celebration. After 18 months of caution and claustrophobia, a 45-minute dose of collectively-improvised lyricism, mixed with an abundance of choreographed magic, proved magnificently apropos! A 22-piece chamber orchestra propelled 26 dancers performing with a simpatico and synchronicity that exceeded even the directors’ expectations. Our gratitude especially to Tandy Beal. As ‘Choreographic Conjurer,” Tandy arranged and navigated a compelling montage of dances by seven different choreographers which beautifully coalesced with the musical score.

Photo: Daev Roehr

Some enthusiastic feedback about IN C Outside:
“ … it was uplifting and absolutely what we needed.”
“ … more magical and surreal than ever before …. the dancers surrounding us, going so perfectly with the music. Thank you for all of the joy and pleasure you bring to our community!”